Spectrodyne offers a wide choice of DC-DC converters that can operate with any input dc voltage from 12V to 350V and provide any output dc voltage from 5V to 300V, at power level from 1 Watt to 3000 Watts.

Product selection can be made from one of the three series, each offering unique advantages and features to suit specific applications, including the needs of OEM buyers. Please contact us if you require assistance in selecting the right product for your application.
  • Telecom Grade DC-DC Converters
  • Industrial DC-DC Converters
  • Battery Charging DC-DC Converters 
  • Substation DC-DC Converters
  • Fuel Cell System DC-DC Converters
  • Solar Panel DC-DC Cconverters
  • Mobile DC-DC Converters
  • DIN-Rail Mounted DC-DC Converters

MKIIIR Series: These upscale, feature-rich, fully isolated  converters are supplied in a fully enclosed, rugged 2RU, 19-inch rack mount cabinets. The MKIIIR converters are specifically designed for applications requiring extra low EMI at the input/output, very low ripple and high degree of load/line regulation. Well known for their outstanding performance and reliability, the standard MKIIIR models are equipped with input dc circuit breaker, digital metering to monitor output voltage or current, alarm function and operation over an extended temperature range. A wide array of options is accessories are also available.
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NX Series: These converters provide excellent value for their purchase price but lack some of the standard features offered of the MKIIIR series. The NX units are normally not equipped with circuit breakers, meters and alarm functions, without compromising performance and reliability. Available in fully isolated and non-isolated versions, these converters are suitable for wall/bulkhead mounting.
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SMR Series: These converters are supplied in a very compact package, up to 50 Watts output. Available in fully isolated and non-isolated versions.
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